How to Install Windows Vista

Step 14 - Windows now runs a benchmark type of application which checks the performance of your system. You will see a status bar at bottom which shows the progress. Once the process is complete you will be presented with the logon screen.

Windows Vista pic14 - Click to enlarge


Step 15 - Finally you have the logon screen. Just type your password and press enter or click on the arrow to logon to Windows Vista for the first time.

Windows Vista pic15 - Click to enlarge


Step 16 - Soon as you logon you will be presented with welcome center. You can use the welcome center to configure, customize, and update Windows vista.

Windows Vista pic16 - Click to enlarge


Step 17 - Finally you need to check if all your hardware has been detected correctly. You can do so by checking your device manager. To access device manager click Start menu -> Control panel -> System -> Device manager. You will see all your hardware listed as shown below. You need to check if you have any yellow exclamation marks next to the name of the device similar to "USB 10/100 LAN" on image below. This indicates the driver has not been installed for this device.

At this stage you need to install Windows Vista drivers by double clicking on "USB 10/100 LAN" or your device. The properties dialog box will appear. Click on Reinstall Driver. Then you can choose whether you want to install the driver from the internet (if available) or install manually from a CD or other media

Once you have removed all the yellow exclamation marks from the device manager your Windows Vista configuration would be fully complete.

Windows Vista pic17 - Click to enlarge