How to Install Windows Vista

Step 7 - Choose the type of installation you want to perform. You will notice that upgrade option is disabled as we have booted from the DVD-R. Therefore we can only select Custom (advanced) option which basically installs a clean copy of Windows from scratch.

Windows Vista pic7 - Click to enlarge


Step 8 - Choose where you would like to install Windows Vista. If you have a new unpartitioned hard drive you would get your hard drive listed as shown on the image below. If have have an old hard drive with data or other partitions it will show up as logical drives. You can select the drive options (advanced) to format, delete, or create new partitions. Because I am using a single new hard drive I will select next to continue. Windows will create a partition and format it using NTFS files system.

Windows Vista pic8 - Click to enlarge

Step 9 - Windows starts the installation process and starts copying all the necessary files to your hard drive as shown on the image below. It will go through various stages of the setup and will reboot your system few times. When your PC reboots it attempts to boot from CD as its the first boot device. Do not press any key during the boot prompt so Windows Vista will continue with the installation by booting from your hard drive.

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Step 10 - After installation copy process is complete you are presented with the Setup Windows dialogue box as show below. At this stage you need to choose a user name, password and a picture for your user account. The account you create here is the Administrator account which is the main account for your Windows Vista that has all the privileges. Click next continue.

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Step 11 - Now you need to choose your computer name and desktop background. Click next to continue.

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Step 12 - Choose whether your want to Help protect Windows automatically. Select "Use recommenced settings" to continue.

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Step 13 - Review your time and date settings. Select your time zone, correct the date and time and click next to continue.

Windows Vista pic13 - Click to enlarge

Next screen presents you to select your computers current location. You can choose between home, work, public location. Choose home to continue. You will finally get a "Thank you" screen which confirms the end of the interactive installation process. This is not the end of the setup process. There are still many after installation configuration to be done. Click next to continue.


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