How to Install Windows 8

Step 11 - You will notice that you have 3 partitions. Partition 1 is system reserved. Leave this partition alone. Partition 2 is 30GB primary partition that was created in the last step. The third partition is unallocated which means it is not being used. You can however format it and use it as a second storage drive. This can be done after windows installation is finished so I will leave it for now.

Choose partition 2 (Primary Partition). This is where I will install Windows 8. Click next to continue.

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Step 12 - At this stage Windows starts to copy files to your hard drive and begins the installation. This process might take a few minutes depending on your computer specification. Now is a good time to grab yourself a coffee.

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Step 13 - When all the necessary files are copied Windows 8 will automatically restart as shown.

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Step 14 - You will go through various progress bar and information messages as shown on the following images. Windows might restart automatically second time.

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Step 15 - You are now presented with "Let's go through a few basics" screen. It will automatically select personalize option.

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Step 16 - Choose your PC name and personalize the color.

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Step 17 - Here you can choose express settings or choose customize. I will choose customize to make further customization.

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Step 18 - Choose Yes, turn on sharing and connect to devices.

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