How to Install Windows 7

Step 7 - Windows 7 starts the installation process and starts copying all the necessary files to your hard drive as shown on the image below.

Windows 7 pic1 - Click to enlarge

Step 8 - It will go through various stages of the setup and will reboot your system few times.

Windows 7 pic2 - Click to enlarge

Step 9 - When your PC reboots it attempts to boot from DVD as its the first boot device. Do not press any key during the boot prompt so Windows 7 will continue with the installation by booting from the hard drive.

Windows 7 pic3 - Click to enlarge

Step 10 - After the reboot your computer will be prepared for first use.

Windows 7 pic4 - Click to enlarge

Step 11 - At this stage you need to choose a user name and computer name. Click next to continue. The user account you create here is the Administrator account which is the main account for your Windows 7 that has all the privileges.

Windows 7 pic5 - Click to enlarge

Step 12 - Choose your password and password hint just incase you forget your password and need to jog your memory.

Windows 7 pic6 - Click to enlarge

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