How to install a IDE Hard Disk Drive (Part 2)

Place your hard drive into the HDD mounting slot of your case, make sure the IDE/ATA connector is facing outwards. Screw the HDD to the case using screws provided with the HDD or the ATX case.

Screw HDD

Insert the ATA 66 cable into the ATA connector of the HDD. Make sure the pin 1 on the cable is connected to pin 1 on the HDD connector. Pin 1 is the red or pink strip on the edge of an ATA cable. Most new IDE/ATA cables are designed so that it will only go in one way which will correspond to pin 1.

Connect ATA Cable

Push the power cable into the power connector as shown. The power cable is designed to go in one way, so you shouldn't have any problems.

Connect Power Cable

Connect the other end of the ATA 66 cable to the primary ATA socket of your motherboard as shown. Make sure the pin 1 on the cable connects to the pin 1 on the ATA socket.

Connect ATA Cable

That's it you have successfully installed a HDD.


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