How to install CD / DVD ROM

If you look at the rear side of your CD / DVD-ROM it should look similar to image shown on figure 1.

On the right hand side you have the power connector. Next to power connector you have the IDE connector. On the left hand side near the IDE connector you have the jumper settings for the DVD-ROM. The jumper is set to Master by default. I am connecting the DVD-ROM on a separate IDE cable therefore I will leave the jumper setting to Master. However if you are sharing an IDE cable with another device like HDD, then you would have to set jumper to Slave, as your HDD would be set to Master. Next to the jumpers you have the CD Audio-Out socket. One side of your audio cable connects to this socket and other side connects to the sound card cd-in socket. This would allow you to listen to Audio CD's on your computer.

DVD Rom Drive Rear

Figure 1


Placing the DVD Rom Drive

Figure 2

Mount your CD/DVD-ROM drive into its mounting slot. Use the supplied screws to screw the drive into position.

Mounting the DVD Rom Drive

Figure 3

Connect the IDE cable to the drives IDE connector. Make sure the pin 1 on the cable is connected to pin 1 on the drives IDE connector. Pin 1 is the red or pink strip on the edge of an IDE cable. Connect the other end of the IDE cable to the IDE socket on your motherboard as shown in figure 4. Again, make sure you conncet the cable to pin 1. The IDE socket could be your primary or secondary socket depending which socket you choose. If your HDD is on the primary IDE socket and your secondary IDE socket is free, then it is better to use your secondary IDE socket for the CD/DVD-ROM.

Connect IDE Cable

Figure 4

Finally connect the power cable to power connector and connect the audio cable to the CD Audio-Out socket as shown on figure 3.

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