How to install a SATA Hard Disk Drive (Part 2)

The image below is a SATA power connector. This needs to be connected to the power socket of the SATA hard drive. Gently push it into place. It will only fit one way so there is no danger of fitting it wrong way round.

HDD Rear

Figure 3 - SATA Power cable

If you have an old ATX power supply you will not have a SATA power connector as they only have 12V molex connector. In this case, if you do not want to replace your power supply unit then you can get a 'Molex to SATA' power cable converter as shown on figure 4.

ATA 66 Cable

Figure 4 - Molex to SATA Power cable converter


Finally you need to fit the other end of the SATA data cable to a SATA socket / port on the motherboard. Again it will only fit one way and gently fit into position. It does not matter which socket you plug it into as it will work on any SATA socket. But it is better to plug it into SATA socket 1 if you only have one hard drive. If you add another SATA device you can connect it to SATA socket 2 and so on.


Power connector

Figure 5 - SATA Socket (port) on motherboard


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