How to install a SATA Hard Disk Drive

If you look at the rear side of a SATA hard drive it should look similar to the image below.

HDD Rear

Figure 1 - SATA Hard drive


The SATA cable connector is on the left hand side which consists of few pins. Next to the SATA connector on the right side is SATA power connector which consist of many pins. You will notice that SATA hard drives do not have any jumper settings for slave or master as each drive will connect to a dedicated SATA port on the motherboard.

Place your hard drive into the HDD mounting slot of your case, make sure the SATA connector is facing outwards. Screw the HDD to the case using screws provided with the HDD or the ATX case.

Screw HDD


Now have a look at the SATA data cable as show on the image below. You need to connect one end of the SATA data cable to the SATA connector of the hard drive. Look at the top of the cable to see which way it should go in. It would only fit one way so you can not fit it the wrong way round. Gently push the cable into place.

ATA 66 Cable

Figure 2 - SATA Cable



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