Floppy Disk Drive

You need a FDD to access floppy disks. Although floppy disks are limited in capacity, only 1.44 mb, every old PC is almost guaranteed to have a FDD. Floppy disk drives and now coming the end of their life span as some current PCs are built without a floppy drive. This is due to the popularity of USB Flash drives. Floppy disk is ideal for storing small files and documents, creating boot disks, and transferring small files. It really does not matter which make of FDD you purchase as they are cheap and performs the same task.

Recommended Floppy Drives:

Internal Floppy Drive

TEAC 1.44MB USB External Floppy Disk Drive (Black)

NEXARK SABRENT External USB 1.44 MB 2x Floppy Disk Drive SBT-UFDB (Black)