Sony Releases 100GB Blu-ray Writer BDX-S600U

Oct. 21, 2011 – Sony has released a Blu-ray writer that is compatible with 100gb BD-R XL media. The external usb 2.0 device looks sleek due to its slim line design and does not require external power supply. The writer is also compatible with BD-R, DVD, CD formats.

The Blu-ray disc writer is ideal for flexible media users who like to use several devices at the same time, such as a PC, notebook and netbook. Frequent travelers will appreciate this compact and elegant all-in-one burner which weighs less than 3/4 of a pound, offering access to the user’s film, photo and music collection as well as the ability to store treasured personal memories immediately and for long-term access.

The drive is perfect for archiving and backup of huge amount of data due to its 100gb capacity and has a retail price of between $150 – $200.