Port forwarding for VNC on Netgear DG834G/GT/N Router

Using a router is a common way to connect to the internet. It is favoured by most ISP’s who supply a free router with most broadband internet packages. Most routers have built-in hardware firewall which operates separately from Windows firewall.

Many people use RealVNC, UltraVNC, TightVNC to access their PC remotely. However most find it difficult to setup correctly and are unable to connect to their PC. This article will show you exactly what to do. The router i am using is Netgear DG834G however most Netgear router’s have similar control panel so the steps below should be similar on Netgear DG834GT, DG834N and other Netgear models. If you are using a different brand router then the port forwarding steps will be different, but the port setting 5900 will be the same.

Step 1. Download and install any version of VNC.

Step 2. Logon to your Netgear Router control panel. The defult control panel ip address for Netgear router is So type this ip address on your browser’s address bar as shown:

The router will request the user id and password.

The default user id is: admin

The default password is: password

Now you will have access to the control panel. On the left side of the control panel you will have all the options listed.

Step 3. Click on Services and choose Add custom services. Fill in the box exactly as shown below.

Step 4: Click Apply. This will create a service called VNC with the port 5900 as shown:

Step 5: Click on Firewall Rules and click Add under the Inbound Services. Choose all the options shown on the image below. Please note that the Send to Lan Server ip address will be different on your computer. You need to choose a fixed ip address for your computer as its most likely set to dynamic ip address which changes all the time. If you don’t know how to do this on your operating system then read the following articles:

How to install and configure a network card in Windows 7 and Windows Vista

How to install and configure a network card inWindows XP

Once you fixed your ip address please type it in the box and click Apply.

Step 6: Your firewall rules will now be applied and you will get a page similar to below:

Finally click on Apply at the bottom of the page and the firewall rules will take effect.

You should now be able to connect to your PC using VNC. If you are still having trouble connecting then it could be because of Windows firewall. In this case you need the to add the VNC exeptions to Windows firewall as well. To do so read the following guide:

Add VNC to Windows XP Firewall Exceptions.