How to install ATX Power Supply | OCZ Xstream 400


I am using an OCZ 400 watts ATX power supply unit. Its enough to power up all the components that we are using. When choosing a PC power supply unit its a good idea to get one that provides slightly more watts than you need. This gives you the flexibility to add more hardware in the [...]

How to install a Motherboard | Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H


Before installing any components you must discharge yourself from any static energy. This can be done by using an anti static wrist band. Or alternatively by touching a metal surface such as the metallic area of the case. Before we start mounting the motherboard we need to fit the ATX back plate. These back plates [...]

How to install a Processor | Intel i3 540 Socket 1156


The socket on the motherboard below is known as Intel LGA 1156 CPU socket. This socket is designed for Intel i3, i5 and i7 processors. To open the socket gently push the lever handle down and away from the socket and lift upward. This will release the plastic protector. Lift the plastic protector and remove [...]

How to install DDR3 SDRAM Memory | Crucial PC3 10600


To build a stable system it is always a good idea to buy high quality memory modules. Over the years I have always used memory from Crucial as you can buy it direct from Crucial website and it comes with life time warranty. The quality of Crucial memory is extremely high and I never had [...]

How to install a SATA Hard Drive | Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200.12


Installing a SATA hard drive is a very simple and straight forward task. Unlike IDE hard drives there are no jumpers to set and each drive connects to the motherboard using an individual SATA cable. There are other advantages to using a SATA hard drive such as much faster data transfer and better performance. If [...]

How to install a SATA DVD Writer | Pioneer S18 DVD -RW Drive


To install a software or an operating system you need some kind of DVD drive. Using a DVD writer you can have best of both world as it allows reading and writing to DVD media. DVD writers are very useful for backing up your data. It is also very economical due to the cost of [...]

How to install a graphics card | ASUS GeForce GT 430 1GB PCI-E


Many modern motherboards have integrated graphics. They are suitable for every day tasks such as browsing the web, email, word processing etc. For many people the integrated graphics is more than enough for their needs. However, if you are into 3D Games, CAD, or other application that requires GPU acceleration then you will need a [...]

How to Attach ATX Power Connector & Header Cables


To power up your motherboard you need to attach the power cables from the power supply unit. Your case has many header cables which also needs to be connected to the motherboard so the switches, led, usb sockets on front panel of the case functions properly. Label 1 below shows the location of the ATX [...]

Final Check & Closing the case


Before you close the case double check everything to make sure you have not missed anything like attaching a cable. Make sure you have no screws lying around as it can short the motherboard. Slide the side panel back on to the case and close the screws. If you are feeling confident you can leave [...]

First Boot and BIOS Setup


Now that we have finished building the PC lets connect the base unit to a mains outlet. Connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor so that we are ready for the first boot. Turn the PC on by pressing the power switch. If everything goes well you will hear a short beep followed by a boot [...]