How to Install a SATA Hard Drive Western Digital 320GB

Installing a SATA hard drive is very simple and straight forward task. The good thing about SATA hard drive is that there are no jumpers to set and each drive connects to the motherboard using an individual SATA cable. You will notice that SATA hard drives do not have standard molex type power connector. If you power supply does not have SATA power connector you can get a molex to SATA converter.

The first thing to do is choose an empty 3.5 inch hard drive bay. Position the drive so its ready to be inserted into the bay. Gently slide the hard drive into the bay as shown below. Make sure the circuit side of the hard drive is facing down towards the bottom of the case. Once it slides into position you will notice that the holes for the screws on the hard drive will align exatly with the holes on the hard drive bay.

Use the screws supplied with the case to screw the hard drive into place using a phillips screwdriver. There are two screws on each side on the bay. To screw the other side you will need to take off the metal panel on opposite side. However this is not really necessary as the hard drive is perfectly secure after screwing one side as the opposite end is held into place by the metal chassis.

Attach the SATA power cable by gently pushing into place. It will only fit one way so check the orientation before pushing it into place.

Attach the SATA cable to the hard drive. It only fit one way. The end of connector is like an L shape so check orientation to match hard drive before pushing it into place.

Finally attach the other end of the cable to motherboard as shown below.