How to Install a Processor Intel Core 2 Duo E7500

The processor socket on this barebone PC is known as LGA775 as shown below. Unlike previous Intel Motherboard sockets the LGA775 does not have any holes. Instead the socket has 775 pins sticking out. These are the pins that make contact with the processor. This is a welcome design change as it will avoid any accidental damage to your expensive processor.

The socket is covered by a plastic protector. The first thing we need to do is to remove this protector. On the right side of the socket there is a lever handle. Gently push the lever handle down and away from the socket and lift upward. This will release the plastic protector. Just pull the protector away from the socket and put it aside.

Lift the plastic protector and remove it from the socket.

Now you will have access to the CPU socket lever. Lift the socket lever upward as shown below so that you have full access to the CPU socket.

Take out the processor from its box and make sure the orientation is correct before gently placing it on the CPU socket.

To make sure the processor only fits one way there are two notches on each side of the processor. There is also little gold triangle in one corner of the processor to indicate that its pin 1.

Make sure pin1 on the processor is aligned to pin 1 on the socket and and notches align perfectly. If everything is done correctly the processor will sit into place very easily.

Close the CPU lever so it covers the processor as shown below.

Finally close the lever handle by pushing down then towards the socket before it locks on.

The next thing to do is to fit the CPU cooler. The cooler has four push pins that fits perfectly into the holes on the motherboard. If you have a retail boxed CPU it will come with an Intel CPU cooler that has thermal paste attached to heat sink. Thefore you do not need apply any thermal paste on the heat sink.

While placing the CPU cooler on top of the socket make sure the direction of push pin arrow is opposite to direction of the arrow. This means its in lock position. To remove the cooler the push pin arrows will be facing toward the heat sink.

Push firmly on top of each push pins. You will hear a click on each one to confirm its locked into position.

Take the CPU cooler power connector and attach it to the 4 pin power socket next to the memory module as shown above. This is very important step as it powers the fan on top of the heat sink.