How to Install Memory DDR2-SDRAM PC2-6400

Before you take the memory modules out of the box it is a good idea to discharge yourself from any staic electricity. To do this just touch both of your hand on the metal surface of the case. This will ensure that you do not damage your memory modules by static shock. Alternativly you can buy an anti-static wristband.

Now that you are free from static energy you can safely take out the memory modules. Since we have two DDR2 memory modules we will insert first module in socket DIMM1 and second into DIMM3. This will run the memory in Dual Channel Mode. DIMM1 and DIMM3 sockets are coloured yellow. Please note if you have 1 module it will be inserted in DIMM1 socket and therefore will run in Single Channel mode.

You will notice that the DDR2 memory has a notch at the bottom. This is to prevent the memory from being inserted the wrong way round. Move both clips on the memory socket to open position. Make the orientation of the memory module so that the notch matches the memory socket.

Push the memory module down using two fingers or both of your thumbs as shown.

You will hear a click as both clips on two sides of the memory socket snaps into place.