How to install ATX Power Supply | OCZ Xstream 400

I am using an OCZ 400 watts ATX power supply unit. Its enough to power up all the components that we are using. When choosing a PC power supply unit its a good idea to get one that provides slightly more watts than you need. This gives you the flexibility to add more hardware in the future. Before we can install a power supply unit we need to prepare our case. Start off by taking the screws off the case. The cooler master centurium case has 2 screws holding the side panel. Take the screws off and slide open the side panel. If you look at the back of the case you will notice that there is a cut out. This cut out is made for ATX power supply units and therefore any brand of power supply will fit perfectly into place.

Put your case in horizontal position so its easier to work with. Take your power supply and slide it towards the back of the case so that the screw holes on power supply unit align with the holes on the case.

The PSU should fit nicely into place as shown on the image below.

Start putting the screws in using your fingers and then tighten it using a Phillips screw driver as shown. The screws should be supplied with your power supply unit, if not you can use the screws supplied with the case.

Watch the Video Guide :


In the next few guides we will fit the various cables on power supply to the correct sockets on the motherboard.