How to install a SATA DVD Writer | Pioneer S18 DVD-RW Drive

To install a software or an operating system you need some kind of DVD drive. Using a DVD writer you can have best of both world as it allows reading and writing to DVD media. DVD writers are very useful for backing up your data. It is also very economical due to the cost of DVD media. Installing a DVD writer is a very simple process. If you have a retail drive it will come with mounting screws. The first thing you need to do is locate an empty drive bay. Take out the plastic or metal cover that is blocking the access to the bay. Depending on your ATX case, you can either push the cover from inside the case to release it or you need to pull off the front panel as I have done on this ATX case.

Once the plastic cover is out you can slide the DVD writer into the drive bay. Make sure the drive aligns perfectly with the case as shown below:


Lock the drive into place using the lock slider or if your case does not have locking mechanism you can just screw it into place. Attach the Sata power cable by gently pushing it into the socket. It will only fit one way so check the orientation before pushing it into place. Attach the Sata data cable to the DVD writer. It only fits one way. The connectors are like an L shape, so check the orientation to match the DVD writer before pushing it into place.

Finally attach the other end of the data cable to an empty SATA socket on the motherboard.

Watch the Video Guide :