How to install a Processor | Intel i3 540 Socket 1156

The socket on the motherboard below is known as Intel LGA 1156 CPU socket. This socket is designed for Intel i3, i5 and i7 processors. To open the socket gently push the lever handle down and away from the socket and lift upward. This will release the plastic protector. Lift the plastic protector and remove it from the socket. Unlike older generation Intel Motherboard sockets the LGA1156 does not have any holes. Instead the socket has 1156 pins sticking out. These are the pins that make contact with the processor. Please note the 1156 socket is not compatible with 1155 socket used for the new generation Intel Sandy Bridge based processors.

We are using Intel i3 540 processor which are the first generation i3 CPU’s. Take out the processor and the heat sink from box and leave it on the side.

When fitting a processor into the socket be careful to fit it correctly. To make sure this i3 540 processor only fits one way there are two notches on each side of the processor. There is also little gold triangle in one corner to indicate that its pin 1. Make sure pin 1 on the processor is aligned to pin 1 on the socket and the notches align perfectly. If everything is done correctly the processor will easily fall in to place.

Close the CPU lever so it covers the processor. Finally close the lever handle by pushing down then towards the socket until it locks into position.

The next thing to do is to fit the CPU cooler. If you have a retail boxed processor it will come with an Intel CPU cooler like the one below. It has thermal paste applied on the heat sink so there is no need to add extra. The cooler has four push pins that fit perfectly into the holes in the motherboard. Place the cooler on top of the holes. Push firmly on top of each push pins. You will hear a click on each one to confirm its locked into position.

Take the CPU cooler power connector and attach it to the 4 pin fan socket. This is a very important step as it powers the fan on top of the heat sink which keeps the CPU cool.

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