How to install a DVD Writer Samsung SH-S223

To install an operating system we need some kind of optical drive. DVD-Writer offers much better value than installing a DVD-Rom. Hence, we have chosen the writer as it offers the added bonus of being a data backup device. Our motherboard supports both IDE and SATA interface. We decided to go with a SATA drive as IDE devices are getting obsolete. SATA interface is also much more neater and offer better air flow inside the case.

Place the case in vertical position and remove the 5.25? bay cover. To do so you need to push the plastic cover from inside the case and it will pop out. You can choose which bay you want to use as there are two available. Get your DVD-Writer ready making sure its not upside down.

Slide the DVD-Writer into the bay as shown.

Once the drive is perfectly positioned and aligned correctly put the case into horizontal position. This will make it easier to fix the screws.

If the drive is aligned correctly the holes for screws will match holes on the DVD-Writer. Simply tighten the four screws into position.

Attach the SATA cable and power cable to the drive. Attach the other end of the SATA cable to an empty SATA slot on the motherboard.