How to Attach ATX Power Connector & Header Cables

To power up your motherboard you need to attach the power cables from the power supply unit. Your case has many header cables which also needs to be connected to the motherboard so the switches, led, usb sockets on front panel of the case functions properly.

Label 1 below shows the location of the ATX 2.0 power connector. It has 24 pins. It powers the motherboard and all the components. It has a fool proof design and only fits one way. Place the connector on top of the power socket making sure you are holding it the right way. Push the connector into the socket until it locks into position.

Label 2 shows the location of ATX 12 Volts connector. It has 4 pins. It powers the processor. The connector only fits one way. Push the connector into the socket until it locks into place.

Label 3 shows the location for the header connectors. Your case has header cables for front USB, firewire, power switch, power LED, reset switch, speaker, etc. Connect each header cable to the labeled header as shown below. While attaching these little cables make sure the positive and negative pins are correct. Read your motherboard manual for more details.

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