First Boot and BIOS Setup

Now that we have finished building the PC lets connect the base unit to a mains outlet. Connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor so that we are ready for the first boot. Turn the PC on by pressing the power switch. If everything goes well you will hear a short beep followed by a boot screen. At this stage we need to enter the BIOS to check that all the hardware is detected correctly. We will also make few changes so that we are ready to install an operating system such as Windows 7.

To enter bios setup press the delete key as the computer boots up. Please note it could be a different key on your system such as F1, so check your boot screen or manual for more details. This is the main bios setup menu.

Lets select the Intelligent Tweeker menu by pressing enter. As you can see the CPU speed, memory speed and size are detected correctly. Press escape to go back to the previous menu.

Lets enter Standard CMOS features. As you can see the hard drive and dvd writer are also detected correctly.

This time we will enter the Advanced BIOS features.

We will make our first boot device CDROM, and second boot device as hard disk.

By doing this we can make sure that the computer boot from Windows 7 DVD that is placed in the DVD drive. If the hard drive is set to first boot device it will not boot as it has no operating system installed.

Finally we can save & exit setup. At this stage you can place a operating system disc in the DVD drive and you are ready to install your chosen operating system.

This concludes our PC building guide. We hope you enjoyed these videos and managed to build your own perfect PC.

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