Build Your Own PC - Step by Step Guide

This is a generic step by step guide to building a custom pc. The guide consists of the 14 steps below. To build a PC from scratch you need to follow each step. You can skip certain steps if you choose not to install those hardware. This guide assumes you have no previous knowlege of pc building but expects you to have some knowledge of pc componets.

If you want to learn more about pc components and need buying advice please read the buyers guide. If you are upgrading your pc you can jump to the required step by clicking on the appropriate link.

If you are feeling brave and up for a challenge then go ahead and start builing your own pc. You will have lots fun along the way.

Step 1. Assemble PC – Put everything together.

Step 2. How to install a Motherboard.

Step 3. How to install a Processor – CPU.

Step 4. How to install a Memory – SDRAM.

Step 5. How to install a IDE Hard Disk Drive.

Step 6. How to install a SATA Hard Disk Drive

Step 7. How to install a Floppy Disk Drive.

Step 8. How to install CD / DVD ROM.

Step 9. How to install a CD Writer, CD-RW.

Step 10. How to install a AGP Graphics Card.

Step 11. How to install a Sound Card.

Step 12. How to install a Modem.

Step 13. How to install a TV Card.

Step 14. Finalizing stage.