How to Build a Computer – Step by Step Video Guide


Few years ago only computer enthusiast and geeks would think of building their own computer. Nowadays, the idea to build your own computer has become so popular that even the average Joe Blogs can do it. Have you decided to build your own computer but don’t know where to start. You probably done some research [...]

Build Your Own PC – Step by Step Guide


This is a generic step by step guide to building a custom pc. The guide consists of the 14 steps below. To build a PC from scratch you need to follow each step. You can skip certain steps if you choose not to install those hardware. This guide assumes you have no previous knowlege of [...]

How to build a Barebone PC : Asus V3-P5G43


Have you ever thought of building a customised pc from scratch, but only to change your mind at the last moment due to the hassle and stress it might cause. Well there is an alternative which is almost as good as building a pc from scratch. Its called building a barebone PC. Basically a barebone [...]

Troubleshooting New Built PC


Have you finished building your pc? Things not going according to plan? Have a look at the troubleshooting guide to solve the most common problems.